• Innovations Coolmax


    COOLMAX® fabric is the latest intelligent shirt from Urbana. It is an effective fibre-based moisture management system. Cool Max is the original wicking performance fabric that moves perspiration away from the body through the fabric, keeping you cool and comfortably dry all day along.

  • Innovations Lite

    Urbana Lite

    Introducing Lites. Engineered to be lightest along with all the trims. Made from 100% superfine cotton in exquiste dobbies, checks and stripes, these shirts are tailored to make the wearer feel light and stylish.

  • Innovations Dura White

    The Dazzling White Shirt

    Finally, whiteness, takes inspiration from the anti-ageing movement. Durawhite - the unique optical brightening agent introduced at the fibre level gives this shirt a whiteness that refuses to age.

    Enriched With Dura White

  • Innovations Active Black

    The Forever black shirt

    Black garments are known to become dull after a few washes as they lose colour. But Urbana's unique Active Black treatment makes sure that blacks stay black for longer. Because this treatment enables colours to retain their true shade even after repeated laundering.

    Active Black

  • Innovations Anti Spill


    Watch the spill roll off with this shirt. Just brush it off and erase its presence in one stroke. The Nanotex treatment at the fibre level makes this possible.

    Anti Spill

  • Innovations Zero Crush

    Wrinkle Resist Shirts

    These shirts are wrinkle-free at the fibre level and not just at the surface. The LAMC (Liquid Ammonia Moisture Control) treatment swells up the cotton molecules. So the shirt stays wrinkle-free naturally and gets a soft silky feel too.

    Zero Crush

  • Innovations Super Crease

    Perfect crease control

    The perfect lasting crease is yours with Supercrease Trousers.

    Super Crease

  • Innovations N9

    No entry for microbes

    The n9 anti-microbial treatment in trousers keeps microbes out.


  • Innovations Deepest Darkest Black

    Urbana presents
    The Deepest Darkest Black

    The Deepest Darkest Black Suit is crafted from the darkest fabric ever invented by man. The fabric is composed of carbon nano-tubes that absorb 99.9% of the light that falls on it. This one-of-its-kind suit is made from 16 Micron wool in a Faille weave for a fine drape and soft feel. Time to make a statement without saying a word.

  • Innovations Enviro

    Enviro. Because you care.

    Nothing less than a new-age marvel, this Enviro shirt savas on water, detergent, electricity and time, all at once. Easy to wash, this shirt requires little or no detergent to remove dirt, that too in relatively cold water, to give you a perfectly clean shirt. Thanks to its unique low-carbon fabric, it is now easy to care for the envirnment.

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