• Lustra


    Urbana Lustra is Premium cotton at its best, enhanced with a touch of real silk. What makes this possible is an innovative Swiss technology that integrates real silk fibres on the fabric surface with finesse. This unique treatment gives Urbana Lustra a signature lustre and a luxurious soft finish. Time to wear real silk every day.


  • Ivory


    Ivory is designed to be the most versatile shirt in a man’s wardrobe. The 100% Premium Cotton delivers an incomparable lustre. Just what you need to add interest to any dark trouser. The sharp cut further defines its smart factor.


  • Impresso


    The Urbana Impresso is formal, yet has a distinctive out-of-the-box streak. Just right for the day when you want to lighten up just a bit. Available in impressive solids and prints. Stretch your limits with a smile.


  • Innovations Active Black

    The Forever black shirt

    The power of the deepest, darkest black is now yours. Crafted from 100% Premium cotton, this Active Black Urbana shirt is treated at a fibre level to retain its original hue. Time to make the statement you have been waiting to make.

    Active Black

  • Innovations Dura White

    The Dazzling White Shirt

    There’s a sure way to make your first impression an everlasting one, with a Durawhite shirt. The reason being, its superior whiteness index stays intact for 20 good washes. Durawhite is available in an indulgent range of solids and dobbies, so you can choose how you wish to announce your arrival each time.

    Enriched With Dura White

  • Perfect Press

    Perfect Press

    Perfect Press is designed to stay crisp and mean business, for almost the better part of the day. With a high DuraPress rating, the superior anti-wrinkle property says a firm no to wrinkles, and a definitive yes to your very own signature look.

    Perfect Press

  • Proformals


    This is your game changer that always gives you an unfair advantage. Pro Formals are all about luxurious cotton, unmatched smoothness, and impressive lustre. You will be amazed by its strikingly efficient moisture absorption. The Urbana Pro Formals. Shirts that always seal the deal.


  • Innovations Anti Spill


    Success is all about making more intelligent moves in the most demanding situations. The Urbana Anti-spill shirt does just that. It stays unaffected by any liquid based spills. These spills simply roll-off the fabric without soaking in. All thanks to its spill-resistance finish that has high durability quotient and can last up to 30 home laundry washes.

    Anti Spill

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